Chuggington Stacktrack Fletch
Chuggington Stacktrack Fletch

Chuggington Stacktrack Fletch

Availability date: 04-05-2020


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Fletch – Chuggineer crew! Joined by his fellow team members Tyne and Zack. All of this engineering team is responsible for all the heavy lifting and loading, building of bridges, tunnels, and stations; as well as laying track and making repairs.

Fletch is rugged, rough and ready. He is a solid work hog and also has a dry sense of humor. Compatible with Chuggington StackTrack playsets, creating the ultimate action-packed train play experience! Children can recreate favorite Chuggington episodes or new adventures with a wide assortment of collectible characters and exciting playsets.

Build multiple layouts and higher than ever before with sturdy risers and easy-to-connect track (StackTrack playsets sold separately). 


·         Durable construction

·         Realistic decoration

·         Secure front and back couplings

·         Collect all of your favorite Chuggington characters!

·         Compatible with all Chuggington StackTrack vehicles and playsets

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